Donatelle Godart signs a resolutely glamorous collection, that borrows from the innocence of the here and now its insolent pureness. The designer, by drawing inspiration from her mother’s youth wardrobe, makes an iconic journey to the 1960’s. By giving this new season an air of elegant casualness, she renews the spirit of her first collection, large necklines and pieces with clean cuts that highlight the body of the bride, playing with a transparency that accentuates its mystery.

The lace and the tulles are discreet and become details that sublimate the pieces to give the collection a couture touch. They mark a size, adorn a button, become a gipsy veil, are knotted innocently in the bride’s hair, like Something new, a silk crepe and Calais lace ribbon that plays with the spirit of the French Riviera. The one exception is Sun in the sky, a sublime embroidered tulle dress, model of sensuality in its purest form.

For the first time, besides dresses and long skirts, Donatelle offers creations perhaps more designed for a civil wedding, thus breaking with the figure of the bride in long dress. These pieces, more urban, contrast by combining in a same look ultra-feminine items, such as the blouses You Know and Bold, with their puffed sleeves and buttoned wrists, and other more boyish items like the crepe jacket Life, and accentuate this feminine masculine game with a long ribbon belted at the waist. The low-cut dresses For me and In the sun are an ode to the liberated legs of the women in the 60’.

In this couture universe, the accessories become real protagonists of the bride’s look, like Sleep in peace, a long tulle veil with embroidered Calais lace that follows the train of the dresses and gives them a bohemian chic style, the Lady Bird short veil in glitter tulle and embroidered tulle flowers with pearl, playful and roguish or the Dragonfly short resille veil, which affirms the bride’s fashionable side.

The pure glamor of Donatelle Godart’s 2020 collection is an invitation to feel beautiful, to move with the times and to flirt insolently with her future husband. The bride Donatelle Godart 2020 is free. More woman than ever on this unique day, she dares and does not hesitate to accessorise her outfit with audacious jewelry.