Founded in 2015, the fashion house Donatelle Godart embodies romanticism and flippancy since its beginnings. Free and elegant, the woman Donatelle Godart seizes the insolence to say Yes! She exalts love, happy with the future she has chosen. She laughs and kisses life, succumbs to happiness.

It is by drawing her own wedding dress in 2014 that Donatelle Godart has the idea to launch her brand. Graduated from the Studio Berçot fashion school in Paris and stylist in various fashion magazines for several years such as Elle magazine, the young Parisian woman captures the trends while creating from her intuition and her desires. Each new collection is a subtle blend of her many inspirations. As a lover of the Arts, her curiosity takes her from a cinema screen to the white cube of a contemporary art exhibition, to a rock concert on the other side of the world, or simply in her flea-market-found sofa reading a book of poetry… Or a fashion magazine.

Present in various outlets in France and abroad, the team grows and the brand has since made its place among the renowned fashion houses, for its seriousness, the originality of its creations and the quality of the chosen materials. The collections created over time highlight the beauty of the body and play on the fluidity of materials, the transparency of a lace, the airiness of a tulle… Each dress, tailor-made in the Paris studio of the 10th arrondissement, is a hymn to femininity.

The woman Donatelle Godart manifests, the day of her marriage even more than another, the woman she wants to be. That she is. The woman Donatelle Godart is beautiful. A deeply touching beauty that nothing can resist.

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