Long satin cape, embroidered mousseline headband, flocked tulle sleep dress, pearls, rhinestones…
True to the 70’s that she adores, Donatelle Godart took inspiration from the incomparable style of Bianca Jagger
for this 2021 collection. Woman with a unique background, ambassador for fundamental rights, she was the icon of
a decade in which women, just like today, proclaimed the freedom of their bodies and their minds.

Aware of her charms, proud of her emotions, the Donatelle Godart 2021 bride knows how to live the here and now,
to savour each moment alongside her loved one. Ultra-connected, they live this day in the sweetness of
a Parisian dolce vita. Their couple is a manifesto to love, sometimes light, often mischievous, sometimes serious,
always accomplice. Romantic.

This year, the pieces imagined are imbued with a subtle retro sobriety that pays homage to the bourgeoisie of the 70s,
distracted by deep necklines, slits highlighted by buttonholes and the play of textures, for a classic and playful look as we
like them. Under her false conformist air, the bride Donatelle Godart 2020 embodies the ostentatious elegance of
the French ‘neo-bourgeoise’ woman. A femininity expressed in close-fitting cuts, in waists marked by removable belts,
beaded or pleated, or even by the nobleness of the materials chosen, a constant requirement of Maison Donatelle Godart
since its beginnings. Satin, introduced for the first time, gives dresses a precious look where to slip with delight.

As for accessories, the bride Donatelle Godart is having fun and asserting her originality. For hairstyles, a wide variety of
veils, oversize tulle veil with large tabs, short with satin or organza bows, braided with guipure, a scrunchie, a hat or
a turban… Great novelty of the Maison, two bags, a satin pouch and a jacquard cabas with beaded handles,
protecting the bride from any attempt to rob her independence.

In light of the urgency of the world that surrounds her, the 2021 bride of Maison Donatelle Godart,
epicurean and voluptuous, savours life, believes in love.